We Help Small Businesses Think Big

We Help Small Businesses Think Big

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Want to know the secret to growing your trade business?

When you own a business, you wear a lot of hats. Above the education you had to get and certifications you had to earn, now you have to worry about generating leads, closing deals and building a loyal customer base. And, of course, you need referrals.

You are a master at what you do, but how do you figure out all the other stuff without hiring someone or spending hours every night trying to learn it all? The good news is we get it. As career tradespeople, we know exactly where you are and have been right in your shoes.

At Tools For The Trades. we help small to medium sized trade businesses thrive and grow by connecting them to tools and resources that maximize efficiency without breaking the bank.

Here you will find the secret to success by having qualified leads fill your pipeline and systems and tools that work for you. not the other way around.

Connect with Customers

Generate Qualified Leads

Automate Messaging

Close Deals/Get Referrals

The Power Is In The Palm of Your Hands

Your mobile phone can now become your assistant, your marketing coordinator and your sales team....all in one spot. The business card just got a new job description, and it is to help grow your business.

Here's what your digital business card from Digital Card Pros can do for you:

  • Build a prospect list with a simple scan

  • Promote your products with the built in website

  • Send automated marketing emails

  • Set appointments with the built in calendar

  • Get attention with text message marketing

One System, So Many Customers.

Now, you can have every one of your customers at the tip of your fingers, all in one place and ready for you to communicate with them. This comprehensive customer relationship management system means you can add, categorize, track and market to your customers quickly and easily. What makes this system so special is that you can set up automations that mean communications go our to your leads and customers when you want without you ever having to press Send. This system also is integrated with your digital business card, so you have everything you need to grow your business on one platform. Now, how's that for time management.

  • Email special promotions

  • Send last minute deal text messages

  • Build unlimited websites and sales funnels

  • Put together project outlines and schedules

  • Create content for social media and schedule posts in the system

  • Conduct e-commerce business and allow customers to pay you through the system

Tools For The Trades Founder & CEO

Michelle Kavanaugh is passionate about trade careers. After spending more than 20 years in the swimming pool industry, Michelle understands the rewards and the challenges that come with owning a trade business.

The reality is, as an owner of a trade business, you are in the best spot. People need what you do, but being good at what you do isn't enough anymore. Competition and the digital age have changed the game.

If people don't know you, they can't do business with you. That's where Michelle comes in. After spending years helping other business owners navigate the operations, marketing and sales functions of their businesses, Michelle pooled her best resources and training tools and developed partnerships and programs to serve the trade industry. She speaks all over the country to trade associations. She delivers training programs to business owners. She does one on one coaching, and she visits schools promoting trade careers and women in the trades.

Michelle wants to help you utilize the best and most efficient technology based tools that will help maximize your time, streamline your operations and sell more jobs.

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